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Frequently Asked Questions

When is my deposit due?

Deposits are due the day of your consultation appointment.

What styles do I (Haylo) Specialize in?

Haylo specializes in several different genres of tattooing including photo realism, portraiture (human and animal), Trash-Polka and her own creation, Infusion (realism with watercolor accents and background).

How do I inquire about a tattoo consultation?

You can request a consultation by visiting my link https://msha.ke/inkgoddesstattoos and complete my consultation request form.

Does Haylo have tattoo sizing requirements?

Yes, the minimum sizing of a tattoo MUST be a half sleeve or larger. I have listed all of the body placement locations for sizing on my tattoo consultation request form that can be completed via this link https://inkgoddesstattoos.com/book/ If the placement you desire is not listed, it is because I have certain body placements I do not offer for tattoo placement. As well as any “small” tattoo design requests that are smaller than a half sleeve sizing will be politely declined. Thank you.

When Can I schedule my tattoo appointments?

Once you have completed your consultation and paid your required tattoo deposit in full, all appointments required to finish your tattoo to completion will be scheduled. Thank you.

How do I get on the consultation waiting list?

Once your consultation fee is paid, you may simply request to be added to my consultation waiting list and you will be contacted via email should an opening become available. Thank you.

How long do I have to wait in between tattoo sessions?

Generally I require 3-4 weeks between appointments for adequate time to heal the skin and rejuvenate the entire tattooed surface prior to applying a second layer of saturation. Thank you.

Why is a consultation mandatory?

I get asked this question A LOT! Simply stated, because I care. I want to make a connection with my clients, get a feel for their personality, as I want time to get a feel for mine. I want to be able to discus details face to face (or over the phone for out of state clients) to establish clear communication, do a body mapping to perfectly size and proportion your custom design to your body dimensions, and to establish the roots of a pleasant and positive client and professional working relationship. No, I am not the right artist for everyone, and I believe that face to face as well as voice communication is so essential for achieving a sense of trust and comfort for both artist and client alike. A consultation is a first building block in achieving the best outcome of what my clients desire in their custom tattoo designs, and a practice I will always insist upon for all new clients. Thank you.

How do I do a consultation appointment when I live out of state?

Out of state? No Problem! When you complete your consultation request form via https://msha.ke/inkgoddesstattoos  simply state in the location question what state and time zone you are located so we can move forward with establishing a date a time to discus your tattoo design via phone call.Thank you.

I did not call or show up to my appointment, what do I do?

Nothing, a no call/no show will disqualify any further scheduling and/or communications with Haylo and IGT and will forfeit all paid deposits. Thank you.

Does Haylo offer Facetime or Zoom consultations?

I DO offer phone consultations, however, because I do not provide my clients with my personal phone number, I do not offer Facetime or Zoom as a consultation option. I have been very successful in all of my previous phone consultation appointments and therefore I will keep all out of state consultations via phone call. Thank you.

How do I prepare for my phone consultation as an out of state client?

Your phone consultation call will come from a blocked number, so please remove all anti-spam applications and settings from your phone prior to your phone consultation appointment to avoid the call redirecting to voicemail. You will need to complete and return the deposit contract that was emailed to you prior to your phone appointment date and time. Please email all applicable reference images to the same email used to communicate your consultation booking. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at least 24 hours prior to your phone consultation. Thank you.

What does my deposit pay for exactly?

My time, and your scheduled appointments. Tattoo designs, even portraiture, require a great deal of research, references, enhancements, reworking, stencil making, etc. that I do entirely in my downtime at home. Any given design can take a few hours, while some have taken me over a week of daily work to complete. Your deposit pays me for the time spent on your tattoo designs and is therefore non-refundable for ANY reason. Changing the tattoo design dramatically or completely WILL require additional deposits, as I will require more time to complete drastic changes to the current design, or to completely start a new design from scratch. Your appointment dates and times are also reserved with your paid deposit assuring your placement on my schedule will not be compromised if a client’s deposit remains in good standing. Thank you.

Does Haylo travel to conventions or do guest spots outside of her private studio?

Not YET! Haylo has officially considered working US conventions in the future with no set dates or locations yet. Please stay tuned! Thank you.

Does Haylo do tattoo design artwork for other artists?

Short answer: No. Long answer: Noooooooo. When choosing an artist, always shop by portfolio as your top priority. If you or your artist are not confident in their ability to create the design or outcome you desire, then simply stated, they MAY not the right artist for what you’re wanting. Thank you.

Shaving: Yes or no?

Shaving the body placement is mandatory for removal of the body hair to both sanitize the area being tattooed, as well as the ability for the post tattoo bandage to adhere to the skin being tattooed as well as the surrounding skin to keep the edge of the bandage in place during the entire healing process. Should you wish to shave your skin canvas yourself, you may do so the night before or the morning of your appointment. However, should you cut yourself shaving, I will NOT be able to tattoo the area that is cut. Should you choose to use electric clippers to cut down long or thicker body hair to make it easier for me to shave your skin prior to starting your tattoo session, that is always most helpful but not required. If you would like for me to shave the area myself, that is also an option. Thank you.

Does Haylo offer Mastectomy or nipple reconstruction tattoos?

Yes! Please click on the “nipple/mastectomy” option on your tattoo consultation request form submitted via https://msha.ke/inkgoddesstattoos and kindly state in the tattoo description section if you are wanting nipples or a custom design. Thank you.

How long to I have to wear my bandage?

I personally recommend wearing your first bandage for 24 hours as it will still be in the weeping stage during that time. After 24 hours, the bandage may be removed, cleaned with hot water ONLY (no soap), patted dry with a clean paper towel, and replaced with a clean bandage. The 2nd bandage should be worn for an additional 5 days making the duration of bandaging your new tattoo a total of 6 days. Should you need to change your 2nd bandage, you may do so with the same process used in removing and replacing your first bandage. As long as the new tattoo is bandaged for 6 days, you may change the bandage as needed when necessary. PLEASE, when taking care of tattoos, I have done for you, I asked that you are very thorough in following my given aftercare instructions. Should you be tattooed by another artist in the future, please strictly follow their written aftercare instructions as well. Thank you.

How do I get my insurance to reimburse me for the cost of my nipple or mastectomy tattoo?

I have had clients arrange with their insurance provider in ADVANCE to be reimbursed for their nipple and mastectomy tattoos. You will need to discus with your provider what requirements they may have, and what their protocol for reimbursement consists of. As I am not in a medical field nor am I trained, certified or licensed in a any kind of health related profession, I do not take insurance, nor am I able to give any kind of medical advice, both written or verbal. Your Dr MUST clear you to be tattooed in order to schedule your nipple or mastectomy tattoo appointments. Thank you.

Can I have food and drinks at my tattoo appointments?

Food of any kind is NOT ALLOWED in my tattooing studio area. You may have drinks that have a sealable lid. Canned beverages or beverages with out a lid are not permitted. If you need to stop and eat during your tattoo appointment, we have a lounge area across the hall where you may do so. Thank you.

Are children or pets allowed to accompany me for my consultation or tattoo appointments?

Nope. Children and pets are not allowed to accompany you during both your consultation and tattoo appointments. Please plan accommodations for your pets and/or children in advance. Thank you.

Are Nipple/Mastectomy tattoos charged differently than other tattoo designs?

Yes. Nipples are charged a flat rate for both session and follow up appointments. Tattoo designs are charged my current hourly rate. Again, please arrange all insurance reimbursements prior to scheduling your nipple or mastectomy design tattoo appointments. Thank you.

I am a repeat client, do I need to complete a new consultation form?

Nope! You may email your new design ideas via the same email we have used to communicate for your previous design and I will be happy to assist you in a quote and scheduling for your next design.

How do I get on the tattoo appointment waiting list?

Once you have completed your consultation appointment and paid your required deposit, you may request to be placed on my tattoo appointment waiting list. In doing so, I will move your design completion to my next draw day to have your design completed should a sooner opening become available. You will be contacted via email should an opening become available. Please respond ASAP to take advantage of a waiting list opening, as they do book quickly. Any available appointments will be offered to my waiting list FIRST prior to advertising them via newsletter or social platforms. Thank you.