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  • (UT) Videography now available in Greater Salt Lake City area
  • (ALL) Reigister Here to be placed on the artist Index in your area.
  • If your area isn't an option, please Select "Other Locations" and email info@tattoobooking.com to get it added for you!
(UT) Demo's Are Now Available:  how our  Full Tattoo Booking System can help save you time and start getting the pieces you want.

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Getting a good tattoo is tough, but not impossible.
With the right information going in, the right artist selected for your tattoo, and a little patience, you are on your way to the tattoo of your dreams!
Tattoo Booking and NoMoreShittyTattoos
have created some awesome merch to help spread awareness to slow down the pandemic sweeping the globe. #nomoreshittytattoos

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