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Tattoo Booking Services & Marketing

Are you overwhelmed with your nonstop clients?

Sick of booking appointments outside of your preferred style?

Trouble raising your prices, even though you know your worth it?

Are you losing clients because you can't get back to them right away?

Ready for more time to take your business to the next level?

We're here to help!

Booking Services/Agent



Social Media Manager

Tattoo Artist Consulting

Booking Services/Agent

If you are struggling to stay on top of your booking, getting back to your potential clients, with no time to focus on your tattoos (let alone your other art), we have many solutions to help:

Full Service: Your own, dedicated booking agents, who study your speed, process, and preferred styles, handling every single lead that comes on to your page in a timely manner (typically 5-10 minutes) until they are on your calendar, with deposit paid. Your booking agent will filter and vet your leads, make sure you are getting the pieces you want, for the price you want.

From the moment a potential client contacts us, your booking agent handles everything. Your booking agent will walk them through the sales process, make sure that you are the right fit for them, collect a deposit, get them on your calendar, and update the calendar appointment with all of the tattoo details (B&G/Color, sizing, placement, lots of inspiration, reference pictures, deposit amount, price-per-hour/flat rate, etc).

Your booking agent will be in contact throughout the whole process, including reminders, reaching out for more pictures if you need them, handling reschedules as you need a break, and checking in with the client after their appointment to get reviews and healed pics.

The booking agents main priority is to keep your books filled, with the pieces you want, at price points that make you wonder why you have never used us before.

You and your booking agent will be in contact various time throughout the week to make sure you are on the same page, answering questions, and tweaking the process to maximize your time/money.


This is YOUR business, so we will run it how YOU want. We will have suggestions, but ultimately if you want something done, we will do it. You don’t want to work with a client, we will tell them no. Need to reschedule, we will be the bearer of bad news and handle it for you, as well as get them back on the calendar. You now have a middle man to take the heat.

All you need to do is show up with the design ready (or at least ready to be tweaked with their input), lay the stencil down, and get to tattooing. Once you are done tattooing, go home. Kick back, enjoy an adult beverage, and trust that your booking agent has the rest under control. They will be sending out your specific aftercare instructions, as well as checking in with them throughout the healing process.


Need more leads? Want more followers? Want to push merch? We can help. We have a team dedicated to photography and videography, as well as team to run Facebook and Instagram ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, and email marketing campaigns. Level up your business by taking advantage of all Tattoo Booking has to offer!

Social Media Management

Do you have trouble staying relevant in the always changing social media algorithm? Not a big fan of posting all the time?

Hire one of our Social Media Managers to run your account, keep you pages going, and pushing the projects you want to. Paired with our videographers/photographers, and marketing, this becomes a big step up for your business!

Tattoo Artist/Shop Consulting

Not sure what you need or how to grow your business? Schedule a call with one of us and let us point you in the right direction!