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Consultation Agreement

Being able to be thorough and clear with the process of our upcoming project is very important to the journey of bringing this masterpiece to life! Since a lot has been gone over, we wanted to share this with you so that you can refresh yourself at your leisure!


Deposits are non-refundable for any reason. If you cancel or no-show then you forfeit your deposit.(Please let your artist know because they can do more to help if there is communication).

-The deposit will go towards the total cost of your tattoo

 -You’ll pay the remaining amount on the day of your appointment 

 -The deposit is non-refundable for any reason 

 -Deposits are non-transferable between people 

 -A complete design change requires a new deposit. New idea, new deposit.

– If you cancel your appointment and need to reschedule, your deposit will be valid for 90 days from last communication. We understand that life happens. As long as you keep open communication with us, we’ll work with you to get you rescheduled. If you go 90 days without communicating or rescheduling, you will forfeit your deposit. 



-Designs are based on everything you talked about with your artist and anything you go over in your consultation, if one is needed.

-Designs will not be sent out beforehand. Minor changes can be made on the day of the appointment if needed. 

-If minor adjustments are needed, the design needs to be explained more in depth, or resize anything, it’s much more efficient to do it with you there, the day of your appointment right before you begin. 

-Remember that your artist is intuitive, and everything that you have seen in their portfolio was done that way for a reason. Sometimes when they are on the skin, they get inspired and magic happens. You get more of a unique piece that way!

The Tattoo Process

-Make sure you eat two (2) hours prior to your appointment so your blood sugar is normal. Keep a clean diet 2 days leading up to the tattoo. Healthier eating = healthier skin. Eating healthy will help the skin take ink, and take less time.

-Bring water with you because it reduces the swelling and redness of the skin and starts healing the tattoo immediately.

– (Please leave the kids at home! It is not safe or legal to have children in the tattoo shop. There is possible exposure to biohazards and sharps. It’s not child-friendly environment)  

-Once the design is understood and everything you ever dreamt of, tattooing begins!

-Once the tattoo is finished, your artist will go over aftercare with you.


-If you cancel or no-show then you forfeit your deposit.(Please let your artist know because they can do more to help if there is communication)

-If you need to reschedule, you get one (1) reschedule per appointment.

-If you reschedule and can’t make your second appointment, then you forfeit your deposit. (Unless it is an emergency. We understand that life happens because it happens to us so please just let your artist know and they will be willing to work with you. There is a limit on how many times someone can reschedule because it takes up time in the artist’s schedule)

-If they reschedule you, it does not count as your reschedule.

Final Notes

I hope this helps you understand how your session will go and relieve any concerns or misunderstanding! If you have any questions between now and your appointment that weren’t covered, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Covid Update

PLEASE NOTE: We are making all the efforts to accommodate everyone that has had to miss their appts due to Covid- 19 restrictions. Please be patient as we try and reschedule everyone. We are doing our best to get everyone taken care of. We appreciate all of our clients and their support!!!



1- You are to come to your appointment alone, no exceptions, NO guests

2- You MUST wear a mask at all times

3- If you have any symptoms of illness you will be rescheduled, no exceptions

4- You will be required to sign a disclosure that you have not been in contact with anyone with Covid -19 or suspected of it and have not traveled out of the state for at least the last 14 days.

5- You must wash your hands before touching any surfaces in the shop

6- Social distancing will be practiced while in the studio, you will not be allowed into another  artists booth to see their clients tattoos.

7- General cleanliness must be observed, clothing that has not been in other environments must be worn.

8- Phones must be wiped down but will be allowed


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these extra steps. Studio Elev8 is excited to see you all again and having the ability to get back to doing what we love to do!