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Hey All! 

Thank you to everyone that is interested in booking with me. I know some of you guys have been waiting a long time to get on my books and I want to thank you for being so patient and understanding. I wish I could get to tattoo everyone, but it’s just not physically possible, there are only so many hours in the day.  

I’m so grateful that you guys want to art permanently on your bodies, it really is such an honor. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. 

Books opening: 

I am structuring things a little differently this time. 

Yes, tattooing is my job but it is also my passion, what keeps me sane, and what makes me feel like I have purpose in this world. 

Because of that, it is important for us artists to create things that inspire us, keep us moving forward, and continuously improving and perfecting our craft.. That is why it is also important for me to choose projects that inspire me, this allows me to do my best work possible and grow as a person/artist…on that note; different things inspire me at different times. 

Booking a little differently this time: 

As some of you may know from experience, I structure things slightly different every time I open my books. This allows me to test out booking strategies, to weed out what doesn’t work for my creative flow, and to also cater to you guys while also taking care of myself. 

I changed up how I am booking for this booking period (slots available from now – nov 1) and I have some specific things I’m looking to do. I know some of your requests won’t fit these categories…but don’t give up hope, I am probably going to switch things up  again next time I book also. 

Project List:

I have a project list, these are ideas that I want to do and these give room for a little customization (you’ll see) to pick certain things listed that you want/don’t want included.

I want to tattoo these concepts once each so I can keep doing different things each time I tattoo and to give everyone a unique piece. 

Think of these like PRE pre drawn designs.. aka project concepts. 


 I also changed how I’m going about pricing. I will now be booking half day, full day,  1.5 day (one full day and one half day) sessions.  The pricing will be based on the session length. 

Even if the tattoo doesn’t take the full session time scheduled the pricing will still be the same. 

Each project will list what time slot(s) would be necessary. 

If you reach out about these projects you will receive an email with more info on pricing so you can know what to expect. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Please check these FAQs in case you have any questions. 

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Does this mean you’ll ONLY  be doing large scale projects?

No, but  I  do want to do more large scale stuff but I have certain slots set aside to fit some smaller scale stuff in.. Those smaller slots (mini sessions) will be announced occasionally to fill cancellations or open days as they come up. I will be posting those throughout the next couple of months as they come up. Turn on your post notifications to make sure you don’t miss out!

Are you taking custom requests? Why not?

I’m wanting to do these projects listed currently, so no I won’t take on full custom projects this time. But custom projects will be accepted in the future. 

But these projects are customizable to a certain extent.. for example if the project is “ floral half  and butterfly half sleeve” we can add 2 butterflies to represent your two kids. etc. 

What is a custom project? 

A custom project is like If you came to me saying I want these specific things and only these things..

A custom project doesn’t allow me to be as creative and add things that I think would be compositionally appealing.. 

I’m basically asking for more creative freedom when I book this round.

How will I know what these custom projects will look like without seeing them drawn already?

Thats where the trust comes in, my style is very predictable.. this is where I ask for the trust in the process. If you like my previous work then it shouldn’t be a concern. 

 If you book the project:

I’ll render the drawing and show you the day of if you book it (with a deposit) and if you don’t like something we can adjust it, worst case scenario I can redraw it and we can push your appointment back to allow time for this. I won’t force you to get anything on your body. I
 won’t rush you into anything. You will still have a say in how it looks overall. 

When will you open your books again? 

Around the beginning of November to fill the next couple of months after that

Will you be taking custom projects next time?

Maybe! Most likely! I’ll have to see what I’m in the mood for!

What if I have a project we are already working on (aka a half sleeve that is incomplete, not completely new pieces) and need to finish 

Email me! artworkbykeely@tattoobooking.com  

Please include a photo and a description of what we are adding, I am still fitting those appointments.  (Use “continued project” in the subject line) 

**If it doesn’t qualify as a continued project I’ll let you know that you’ll have to go through the normal booking route

This usually isn’t necessary, I book those appointments as we go if they are needing to be finished. But some of you may have not booked those sessions yet. You know who you are if so.