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Tattoo Ideas

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Artist Preferences

If You Were To Describe Your Style, What Would You Say?
I do black and gray, color infused, or full color realism/ surrealism
What Subject Matter Do You Like To Tattoo?
I like to tattoo faces or portraits, animals, nature, space, anything you can tell a story with
What Styles Are You Looking For? (Check All That Apply)
B&G Realism
Color Realism
Hyper Realistic
B&G Portrait
Will You Do B&G/Color/Both?
I Do Both
What Tattoos Won’t You Do?
I prefer not to finish a tattoo that another artist has already started
Length Of Appointments You Use (Select All That Apply)
1 Hour
2 Hour
3 Hour
4 Hour
5 Hour
6 Hour
7 Hour
8 Hour
9 Hour
10 Hour