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Eden Body Arts Studios

FAQ/Important Info

Eden FAQ's

The week of your appointment:

  • Someone from the studio will reach out to you via text message confirming your date and time. If you prefer to be contacted via call or email, please let us know.
  • Please look over our email correspondence to make sure all of your requests for the tattoo have been mentioned. 
  • Make sure the skin in the area to be tattooed is in good condition. We recommend keeping the area hydrated. Do not use self tanners leading up to your appointment. Sunburned skin cannot be tattooed over.
  • We recommend hydrating a few days before leading up to the tattoo.

The morning of your appointment:

  • Eat a meal before arriving to the studio. We have some snacks and drinks, but getting tattooed on an empty stomach can cause lightheadedness and sometimes fainting.
  • If you arrive early to your appointment, please wait in your vehicle until your scheduled appointment time. Your artist is busy working on your design and preparing for your tattoo, and they will not be ready for you early. Our check-in process is completely contactless and takes just a couple of minutes. 

What to bring::

  • Valid, government-issued photo ID
  • We also recommend bringing snacks and water. We can also provide you some if you do not bring your own.
  • Phone charger, headphones.
  • DO NOT bring or put on numbing cream with you as it can affect the application and healing of your tattoo.
  • We carry CBD Isolate gummies that are available for purchase. These plant-based gummies contain no THC and help manage pain and anxiety throughout your tattoo session. Ask about these products when you check in if you would like to utilize them. 
  • Please bring cash to your appointment.

Deposits/Cancellation Policy:

  • ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Your scheduled time not only represents time you have booked with the artist, but also time that cannot be claimed by another client. In the event of a cancellation or reschedule, the deposit helps mitigate a fraction of the loss your artist might experience if they cannot book another client.
  • If you must reschedule your appointment, you must let us know via email at least 10 days before your scheduled time in order to apply your deposit to a new date. If an appointment is rescheduled within 10 days or more than once, you will forfeit your deposit and a new deposit will be required to get on the schedule.
  • All reschedules must be within the artist’s current booking time frame, which is generally between 1-3 months, but no further than that. If you need to reschedule your appointment further out than when the artist is booking, you will need to restart your booking process and the appointment will require a new deposit.
  • If you no-show or fail to notify us of a cancellation 24 hours in advance, you will forfeit your deposit and will be unable to book an appointment in the future.
  • We do not accept additional payments or excess deposit amounts prior to the tattoo
  • All design/concept changes to the tattoo idea need to be submitted via email at least 10 days prior to your appointment. If they are not submitted prior, and a new concept/design is requested within 10 days of the appointment, you may forfeit your deposit if it is not something your artist will do.
  • For pre-made designs only: your deposit is applicable only to your claimed design. Any change in concept prior to the appointment will require a new deposit and might result in the forfeiture of your appointment.
  • Deposits are not transferable to another artist. Changing your artist is equivalent to a new appointment.
  • In the interest of stability for our artists, there are no exceptions to this policy.

Late Policy:

  • You must let us know if you are running more than 15 minutes late to your appointment.
  • If you are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment, your appointment may be canceled and your deposit will be forfeited.
  • Any missed time due to your delayed arrival will be billed at the artist’s regular rate. 


  • All designs are finalized the morning of the tattoo. You should not expect to see a design before you arrive for your appointment. When your artist starts your design, they will be able to see all your reference and placement photos in your file.
  • When you arrive, your artist will have a design draft ready, or be close to finalizing one. It is important to make sure you have sent all your requests and reference photos so your tattoo artist does not design something you don’t want in your tattoo.
  • The design your artist shows you originally is a representation of what they believe to be the best design given their background and expertise as an artist. You are of course welcome to request changes to the design, but keep in mind that you and your artist both have the same goal of giving you the best tattoo possible. You are not only paying for the tattoo you receive, but also the artist’s experience and eye.
  • The design process is strictly a client-artist interaction. No guests are permitted to participate in the design process.
  • The design process can sometimes take awhile. Your artist will work as fast as possible without compromising quality. The entire process is very intricate and sometimes just takes some time. Be prepared to wait a bit before starting the actual tattoo process.
  • In a very very rare case in which you and your artist cannot agree on a design, you will forfeit your deposit and depending on the situation might be charged for the artist’s time drawing/designing.
  • All concept changes need to be submitted via email at least 10 days prior to your appointment. If they are not submitted prior, and a new concept is requested the day of the appointment, you may forfeit your deposit if it is not something your artist will do.
  • Changes cannot be requested to premade designs.
  • By starting the tattoo, you are approving the design finished by your artist.

Guest Policy:

  • One guest is permitted to accompany you for your tattoo.
  • Absolutely no minors are permitted in the studio. No exceptions. Our studio is not a place for children. Please make alternate arrangements before arriving to the studio.

COVID-19 Policy:

  • Our studio is very large with plenty of room for social distancing. You are permitted to bring one guest with you for your tattoo.
  • Please bring a mask. Your artist might request you wear it during your tattoo due to the close proximity of you and your artist. 
  • If you are feeling COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with a confirmed case, please reschedule your appointment. 


  • Tattoo sessions can sometimes be long and uncomfortable. We recommend wearing clothes you are comfortable in. The studio does sometimes get fairly cold so we recommend bringing a jacket/blanket.
  • Please wear neutral colored clothing for your appointment. In most cases, your artist will want a photo of your tattoo at the end of the session and wearing bright or colorful clothes can greatly affect the photo quality. Wearing black is preferred. Jeans are fine. 
  • Sleeveless shirts must be worn for upper arm tattoos, and shorts must be worn for leg tattoos.
  • Our studio is open, but we will put up privacy dividers if your tattoo is in an intimate location.


  • We have a resident content creator who will be moving around throughout the day taking photos and videos of our artist. Your face might appear in some of these videos.
  • We will take a professional photo of your tattoo at the end of the session. We will send your photo to you within 24-48 hours.
  • We want you to post your tattoo, and show people the most accurate representation of your piece! We recommend using the photos we give you when posting on social media.
  • The video you or your piece appears in is normally not edited the same day but can be emailed to you upon request.

Price Estimates:

  • Price quotes are estimates only. Every tattoo is different and they are not products made on an assembly line. Sometimes a tattoo takes longer or is more difficult than expected, particularly if there are changes to the original idea. We normally have a pretty good idea of how long a tattoo will take beforehand but this is subject to change. Of course we do our absolute best to give you the most accurate price quotes possible. 
  • Occasionally tattoos might take an additional follow up or partial follow up session. The subsequent sessions follow the artist’s standard rates.
  • Rates are subject to change. Your rate will stay the same until your project is finished, but any new work not outlined in the original inquiry will be at the artist’s new rates.

Half/Full Sessions:

  • If you have booked with an artist that charges a flat session rate, that represents the time booked on the artist’s calendar, which is usually, but not always, the actual time spent on the tattoo.
  • Actual tattoo time varies depending on how long the design process takes and based on the final design. 
  • The half day and full day rates are flat regardless of actual tattoo time. 


  • We kindly ask that you bring cash for your payment, but we also accept all kinds of cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • We do not have Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, or other services of the sort. If you need to make a payment remotely, we are happy to take a card number over the phone.
  • The full amount of any gratuity added to a payment goes directly to your artist. The amount of gratuity added (if any) is purely your personal preference. We have found clients that have an excellent experience typically tip 20% of the total cost of the tattoo, but again, gratuity is not expected and we do not have any guidelines as to how much to add. 
  • Some banks will flag transactions on your card if you are making a large purchase. We recommend calling your bank before or during your session if the amount is high enough that your bank could potentially block the charge. This will greatly speed up the checkout process.


  • Touch-ups are free of charge in the event a tattoo does not heal correctly. Touch-up sessions generally take no more than one hour. To schedule a touch-up you will be required to send photos and describe the area that needs to be touched up. 
  • If there is not a specific area of the tattoo that did not heal correctly, and you would like it gone over again by an artist, that is a “re-work,” not a touchup. Reworks are billed at the standard rate of the artist. 
  • Touch-ups are free of charge but no-showing or canceling a touchup within a week’s notice will require a non-refundable booking fee of $50 to get back on the schedule. 
  • Touch-ups must be scheduled in 1-3 months of the original appointment. 

Other Considerations:

  • The following people cannot be tattooed, with no exceptions:
    • People who are breastfeeding/pregnant
    • People on blood thinners
    • People under 18 or people who cannot present a valid photo ID
  • If any of these apply on the date of your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled and your deposit will be forfeited