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Full Day: $1500 (4-6 hours)
Double Day: $2700 (two consecutive days)
Deposit: $250, goes toward the final cost of the project. Non-refundable. Non-transferable.


I am currently focusing on black and gray realism/surrealism work, and will be
prioritizing such projects.

That being said, I am now accepting color tattoos! Although I’ll be very picky and specific about the color projects that I take on, I’m really excited to incorporate more color into my work. 

Large scale projects are another current focus. Full sleeves, legs, backs, etc. will also
be prioritized when accepting submissions.

Please know when booking with me that I do require full artistic freedom with your
tattoo’s design. This allows me to create the best possible tattoo that I can for you. You
like my work, let me do my thing.


How do deposits work?

-Deposits are rolled to each next appointment, and are eventually credited toward the
final session of the project. Only one deposit is needed per project.


-Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.


-A new deposit is required to reschedule appointments with less than a week’s notice.


-Deposits will be collected before you’re able to select your appointment date.

When/how often do your books open?

-I open my books every 2 months, and only book 3 months out at a time. An email about
books opening will be sent out to anybody that has filled out their information, and
afterward a post will be made for any remaining spots in the schedule. This way
ongoing projects and clients that have been waiting in line get first dibs on open spots.

How much can be done in a full day session?

-I aim to get as much done as possible in each session without compromising the tattoo
or my process. Sometimes a session will cover a very large area, and sometimes a
much smaller area, it all depends on the subject matter and the client.

Can I see my tattoo beforehand?

-Like a lot of other tattoo artists, I choose not to show the design ahead of time for many
If you’re booking with me, it’s probably safe to say that you like my work, and are
familiar with what I do. As long as you provide me with good references, and a solid
description of what you’re looking for, everything will be great. If I have any questions,
concerns, or suggestions, I’ll be sure to communicate those to you.

Do you have a cancellation list?

-I do have both a cancellation and a waiting list that I do use often. Sometimes I may
just make a post about an open spot for a number of reasons though, so these lists
aren’t always the only way to skip ahead of the line at times.


-I like to incorporate touchups into the final session of the tattoo if any are needed.
Usually by then if proper healing procedures are followed and we haven’t had any other
complications, we can tell what might need a touch up and can do so right then.
-Touchups requested after the completion of the tattoo will be charged a rate of

What should/can I bring?

-DO bring headphones, snacks, water, candy, a pillow, and whatever you may need to be
comfortable throughout the tattoo.

-DON’T bring your friends or family.

Do you do coverups?

-I do accept cover ups, but not often. If you have a cover up project please feel free to submit it. If the cover up isn’t super difficult with the subject matter that you have in mind, we might be able to make something work.

What types of payment do you take?

-Cash is preferred at the end at EACH appointment. Venmo, or PayPal are an option otherwise.

Artist Preferences

If You Were To Describe Your Style, What Would You Say?
Realism and Surrealism.
What Subject Matter Do You Like To Tattoo?
Large scale, people, animals, flowers, etc.
What Styles Are You Looking For? (Check All That Apply)
B&G Realism
B&G Portrait
Do You Prefer B&G/Color/Both?
Large Scale Black and Grey. 
What Tattoos Won’t You Do?
Phoenix’s, juggalo stuff, gang related, lions, sunflowers, Watercolor, lettering, small tattoos, lame tattoos. Cover-Ups
Preferred Length of Appointments