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Booking Process

Submission Received!


Full day: $1800

Half day: $900

Half sleeves (2.5-3 full days)

** healing time will be needed in between appointments if multiple sessions are needed. We will book the next session in person the day of your appointment. 

Booking FAQS

When/ how often do you open your books?

I open my books every 2-3 months. I only book 3 months out max at a time.

What will you be booking this round?

I will provide more info on how to reach out for a spot when I open my books. Keep an eye on my instagram for more info on this.

I’m constantly trying to fine tune my booking process as well as changing up what projects I’m taking on each booking round.

This next Jan opening I will be booking: Continued Projects, New Custom Projects, Freehanded florals, and some specific projects that are on my Project list.

Touch ups: I book touch ups (on my work only) even when my books are closed (shoot me an email with “touch up” in the subject line so I can be sure to see it)

Types of appointments:

Appointment types  explained in more detail:

What’s a continued project?: 

Projects that I have started that need to be finished.

For example: “ I want to add more florals to finish a sleeve we started in July, I want to do the same flower types, just extend it down my arm.”

What is a new custom project?:  

a new custom project is something that is your idea, but done in my style with my artistic interpretation. I do still prefer some artistic freedom with these pieces.

For example: “I want to have a snake and flower hip piece, you can add any berry types also. Open to any flower types but I want poppies included somewhere in it”

What is a Freehanded floral piece?

These are the tattoos that I draw on the skin beforehand with a sharpie. I usually prefer to do Peonies, Anemones, 5 petal flowers, blossoms, berries, bees, poppies, etc. I have posted a few of these on instagram showing the before drawing and the finished result. This is usually a full day appointment because it takes me an hour or so to draw it on beforehand. I am only comfortable free handing specific things on the skin at the moment. Freehanding animals or faces aren’t something I’m capable of at the moment. Usually just florals/berries/bees.

I prefer to do these medium or larger scale.

What is a Specific Project (from the project list)?

That is a list of ideas not yet drawn up that I want to do. I post this when I open my books, I also have it on my IG stories in my “Booking Info” highlight. If you want one of these you will select the Project number when booking. For example if you want Project 1: Medusa floral tattoo then select that option from the dropdown in the booking process.

I prefer a lot of creative freedom with these projects. I have a certain vision for how these will look but I just haven’t had the time to draw them out. I will draw it before your appointment per usual, in person we can still make changes if needed. These are for clients that will really trust what I’ll come up with and are open to my artistic interpretation of the topic.

Do I have to resubmit each time that you reopen your books?

Yes, I need a new submission each time. I never know if your ideas have evolved or changed so I need updated info each time.

I have been trying to get on your books for a long time. Why can’t I get a spot?:

I’m so grateful to have the response that I do each time I open my books but unfortunately I do not have the available time or energy to tattoo all the inquiries that come my way. I also change up what I’m looking to book each time, as an artist I really do have to focus on pieces that inspire me most at the time, and this is constantly changing.

This doesn’t mean I’ll never want to do that idea, that just either means I didn’t have the time that round or I was focusing on booking other things at the time. I appreciate it so much if you keep trying each time.

Can I see my tattoo drawing beforehand?

I don’t show the design ahead of time for many reasons, a lot of artists choose not to also.

If you are booking with me, it’s likely because you’ve seen my work and have followed me for a while. Chances are if you like my previous work, you’ll be happy with what I come up with for yours. Although I do ask for a lot of creative control or creative freedom, I understand you may have design preferences. I’m cool with you letting me know what those preferences are, certain things you want added ,or things you specifically want in the tattoo. I don’t mind you giving me some direction, that’s totally different than controlling every little detail fo the design.

Make sure to include your design preferences in the initial booking submission. If you have any others you need to add then please email them to me at least a week before your appointment so I can prepare.

I will check my email as I draw up your design (usually a day or two before the appointment) so you may not get a response until then. I try to send over  a “Got it, I will check this out when I am in the design phase of your appointment”  response and I’ll then come back to it later.

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t get a response right away, I really do take my appointments week by week to stay organized.

Trusting the process is a huge part of getting tattooed by me. I won’t force you to get what I draw on you,  worst case scenario, if you don’t like it we will reschedule you and I can spend more time changing the drawing. I have time for minor changes during your appointment but some redraws may need more time.

Is there a Cancellation list or waiting list?:

No, I don’t have a list like this. It is nearly impossible to reach out to people, wait to hear back, reach out to someone else if that person can’t, and draw something specific up when I have a last minute cancellation to fill.

I fill these slots by posting on my story. Spots are usually filled with freehanded floral appointments, predawn stuff, or other specific things that I have ready or can draw up fairly quickly.

Turning on post notifications is a great way to see these posts first.

Can I book a touch up?

Touch ups are always available to be booked. Please email me a photo of your healed tattoo, explain the spots you want touched up, and I will reply with a booking link

Email: artworkbykeely@tattoobooking.com

How do I prepare for my appointment? What should I bring?:

Please refer to my “Booking Info” highlight on instagram for more info on this. I explain everything in detail there.

Also, if you book with me you will receive an email about this.

What are your favorite things to tattoo?

The things I post a lot on IG.

Anything with a nature theme, florals, bugs, animals, women’s faces with things/florals, mushrooms, etc.

Are there any placements you don’t tattoo?

Currently.. hands, fingers, feet, back of the ear, and wieners

Why are you selective on the things you tattoo?

It is important for us artists to create things that inspire us, keep us moving forward, and continuously improving and perfecting our craft.. That is why it is also important for me to choose projects that inspire me, this allows me to do my best work possible and grow as a person/artist…on that note; different things inspire me at different times. I also usually get more inquiries then I can take on so I am lucky enough to be able to do the things that inspire me.

If I don’t get booked this round should I resubmit next time?

Yes! Just because I didn’t book you this round doesn’t mean that I don’t want to do your tattoo.

I often get more requests than I have time for.

The things I want to take on change almost every couple of months. The things I post on my IG are things I’m looking to do more of. Florals, animals, nature themed stuff, women’s faces with florals, bugs, etc.

Preferred floral placement options 

By default, these will take a full day because of the time spent drawing onto the skin beforehand and the amount of detail that goes into these appointments.

Let me know if you prefer to go smaller and want a half day session. This will require the tattoo to be smaller in size.

  • Upper arm, whole outer arm
  • Around the knee, above or below – wrapping around the curve of the knee.
  • Near arm crease trailing upwards,
  • Top of Forearm  – wrapping a little bit to the other size
  • Calf
  • Shin
  • Ankle
  • Hip
  • Underboob/ side of the boob area

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